Mediven GenoAmp® Endpoint PCR Cholera Octaplex

GenoAmp® Endpoint PCR Cholera Octaplex


GenoAmp® Endpoint PCR Cholera Octaplex is a thermostabilized PCR test for the detection and differentiation of Vibrio cholerae in human stool. It is intended to be used for the in vitro diagnosis of V. cholerae.

Product Code:GAA3001
Detection:V.cholerae (O1 Classical, O1 El Tor, O139, non-O1, non-O139, toxin genes)

  • Rectal swab
  • Stool swab

Kit Content:

  • Reaction Mix
  • Positive Control

Compatible Instrument:Thermal cycler
Test per kit:100

 Fast: Culture enrichment step simplifies DNA isolation.

Flexible: Includes internal control (IC) for monitoring of potential PCR inhibitions.


  • Capillary electrophoresis detection.
  • Lyophilised reagents.

 Highly Informative: Multiplex, enable to amplify seven (7) different genes of V.cholerae and one (1) internal control simultaneously in a single step.

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GenoAmp® Endpoint PCR Cholera Octaplex