Endpoint dipstick cholera

GenoAmp® Endpoint PCR Dipstick Cholera


GenoStick™ Cholera GenoStick™ Cholera

GenoAmp® Endpoint PCR Dipstick Cholera is a thermostabilized PCR test that employs lateral flow technology for the rapid screening of Vibrio cholerae.

Product Code:GSA4001
Detection:Vibrio cholerae

  • Rectal swab
  • Stool swab

Kit Content:

  • Reaction Mix
  • Positive Control
  • Detection Strip
  • Hybridization Buffer
  • Buffer A
  • Buffer B
  • 96-well Plate

Compatible Instrument:Thermal cycler
Test per kit:100

 Fast: Culture enrichment step simplifies DNA isolation.

Flexible: Runs 1 or up to 96 samples at a time.


  • Dipstick detection.
  • Lyophilised reagents.

 Highly Informative: >99.9% of sensitivity and specificity.

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GenoAmp® Endpoint PCR Dipstick Cholera