GenoAmp® Starter Kit

  • Contains a set of twelve thermostabilised PCR reaction PreMixes (dNTPs, , MgCl2, and Taq polymerase)
  • Allows mono-to-octaplex amplifications
  • PCR can be performed in a user-friendly manner, requiring less pipetting steps, which can help reduce cross contamination caused by multiple pipetting steps
  • Simply adding the template/s, primers, and PCR-grade distilled water to each of the PreMixes and amplify
  • The results will depict which PreMix is the best for that particular template/primer-pair combination

Once the optimal PreMix has been determined, a large-scale production of the thermostabilized PreMixes with an optimal concentration of PCR reagents can be custom-ordered to allow consistent PCR amplification of target sequence/s.


Product Code: GK-#A1
Product Name:  

GenoAmp® Starter Kit

Kit Content:  

12 tubes of T1-T12 (Containing different concentration of PCR master mix) per pouch

3 pouches per kit

Test per kit: 36