R & D Services

R & D Services

Mediven provides custom molecular and aptamer development services. With our know-how and patents, we develop and manufacture: 

  • Modified endpoint, endpoint and real-time PCR tests for the detection of diseases and organisms.
  • DNA and RNA aptamer-based tests as alternatives to antibodies
  • We also have in-depth experience and knowledge in chemical surface modification for the development of sensors in bioengineering

Mediven provides these services to address several key areas in the diagnostics market:

  • To increase accessibility of the industry to key platform technologies such as PCR, aptamers and bioengineering
  • To provide faster development of diagnostics so that better diagnostics can reach those who need them most
  • To develop aptamers as enhancements or replacements for antibodies as aptamers have higher sensitivity and are more cost-effective to manufacture in the long run

Mediven provides custom aptamer development services.
Why replace antibodies with Aptamers? 

  • Antibodies are protein-based, which are mostly unstable, while aptamers are highly stable nucleic acid based molecules
  • Antibodies are big molecules with size above 150kDa while aptamer size is in the range of 20kDa.
  • Antibodies are unstable molecules and hence development, manufacturing, and shipping are extremely challenging. Aptamers, on the other hand, are stable, and hence easier and more cost-effective to develop, manufacture and transport.
  • Discovery time for antibodies could be 6 months or more, while aptamers can be identified in weeks.
  • In vivo animal-based production processes are needed for antibodies while aptamer production processes are in vitro and synthetic.
  • Antibody modification is restricted and uncontrollable, while aptamer modification is convenient and controllable
  • Antibody work is based on lock & key basis and depends upon pockets of binding on targets while aptamer binding is based on surface recognition mechanism.

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