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Driven by the opportunity and the rapid growth of the molecular diagnostics market, Mediven took part in the 4th Myanmar Phar-Med Expo – the biggest healthcare show in Myanmar. The bustling city of Yangon played host to the three-day event which ran from the 12th to the 14th of July 2016 at the Rose Garden Hotel.

The event was organized by Minh Vi Exhibition & Advertising Service Co., Ltd (VEAS) in collaboration with Myanmar Pharmaceutical & Medical Equipment Entrepreneurs’ Association (MPMEEA) and Myanmar Private Hospital Association (MHPA). Exhibitors from different regions of the world took part, and it was easy to observe that molecular diagnostics is gaining a permanent foothold in healthcare not only in Malaysia but Germany, Korea, China, Taiwan, Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, etc.

Mediven seized the opportunity provided by events such as this to form a strategic partnership with local and international players in the evolving diagnostic marker of Myanmar. This event served to be a great platform to gauge current needs, trends and development in diagnostics products through discussions with participants held at the international level. Information related to the healthcare industry of Myanmar has allowed for a better insight into the business expansion plan and strategy within the country and beyond.

Using the platform provided, we shared our products, such as the GenoAmp Real-Time series, ProDetect rapid test series, NanoBioSys UltraFast LabChip Real-Time PCR system and Ultra Fast Sample Prep machine to the attendees. On a final note, a network of stakeholders and industry players spanning various regions of the world would ensure the continued growth of Mediven and put it on the trajectory of becoming a strong and influential entity in the field of clinical diagnostics.

Myanmar Phar-Med Expo 2016        Myanmar Phar-Med Expo 2016

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