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Over the last decade, Mediven has developed considerable know-how and capacity in research, development and manufacture of innovative diagnostic products. The company also provides expertise to clients keen on custom-tailored solutions for molecular diagnostics and point of care tests. With our world-class infrastructureandin-house scientific expertise, we cater for both immunochromatographic and polymerase chain reaction based tests for modified endpoint, endpoint and real-timePCR tests for the detection of diseases and organisms.

R&D Services

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Medical Innovation Ventures Sdn. Bhd. (Mediven®) is a leading molecular diagnostics provider in Malaysia, delivering fast, flexible, reliable and intelligent solutions withits GenoAmp and ProDetectseries of products. With strong collaborative ties research institutions both locally and abroad, Mediven® has built a stellar reputation for the design, development and manufacture of innovative diagnostic products for infectious diseases. Harnessing genomic data generated from pathogens, Mediven®’s inhouse R&D team creates diagnostic tools that address early and fast detection of infectious diseases prevalent in developing countries.


Combating COVID-19

Combating COVID-19

ProDetect Covid-19 Test Kit: Extended Expiry Date and Unwavering Commitment to Quality

Mediven is delighted to announce the extension of the expiration date for all ProDetect Covid-19…
Combating COVID-19

COVID-19 Diagnosis: Real-Time RT-PCR Test

As we adapt to containment measures for COVID-19, inaccurate detection of the SARS-CoV-2 virus need…
Combating COVID-19

Filling the Void in the Supply Chain of RT-PCR Tests for COVID-19

The void in the supply chain of COVID-19 tests is getting deeper as the rates…

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